Citrix Converge 2020

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Use an Azure DevOps pipeline to deploy a Windows VDA using HashiCorp Packer. This produces a gold image ready for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

This repo is part of my Citrix Converge 2020 presentation

Full Video Presentation


You’ll need the following pre-reqs before getting started.

Azure DevOps

  • Account (Can be free version!)
  • Access to an existing or new Azure Devops project


  • Service Principal information

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name Converge2020

  • Storage Account
    • Document Storage account access key
  • Container within Storage Account for media installation files
  • Container within Storage Account for built gold images to reside


Follow the below process to build a Windows 2019 VDA

  1. From Azure DevOps. Select Repos
  2. Import a Git repository
  3. From Pipelines create new
    • Select “Azure Repos Git”
    • Select imported repo (eg Converge2020)
    • Existing Azure Pipelines YAML file
    • Select /pipeline.yml
    • Select Variables and add the below table
  4. Run pipeline

Pipeline Variables

Variable Description Example
client_id SPN Client ID (appid) Secret
client_secret SPN Client Secret (password) Secret
goldimage_container Storage Account Container that will contain gold image goldimages
location Location to deploy temp VM centralus
media_container Storage account container that contatins install media media
rg_name Resource group where storage account is located rg-converge-central
sa_key Storage Account Key Secret
storage_account Storage Account Name mysupercoolpackerstorage
subid Azure Subscription ID Secret
tenantid SPN Tenant ID (tenant) Secret
vda VDA File Name VDAServerSetup_2006.exe
vdacontrollers Comma seperated list of cloud connectors CTX-CC01.LAB.LOCAL

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