Citrix Posts

Citrix Converge 2020

1 minute read

Use an Azure DevOps pipeline to deploy a Windows VDA using HashiCorp Packer. This produces a gold image ready for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Citrix Optimizer Community Template Marketplace

2 minute read

Recently, Martin Zugec from Citrix released version 2.0 of the popular Citrix Optimizer tool and one of the cool new features added is the ability to add cus...

Automating App and OS Layers

7 minute read

Back in May I attended my local CUGC where Ron Oglesby presented a master class on Citrix App Layering (ELM) and after the presentation, it was asked if ther...

Use Netscaler CPX for MAS Testing

2 minute read

After Synergy this year I watched a great presentation by Esther Barthel and Carsten Bruns (SYN220) where they covered MAS Stylebooks and Configuration Jobs....

Running Pester Tests Against Citrix NetScaler

2 minute read

Pester is a testing framework that runs from Microsoft PowerShell allowing for quick test creation for a variety of usecases.  During a recent customer netwo...

Netscaler 12 Firmware Now Includes Python

1 minute read

While recently upgrading my lab Netscaler to version 12, I noticed Python was getting installed so thought I would do a little looksee to see what’s availabl...

XenDesktop 7.x Site Replication Script

1 minute read

If you have ever designed or implemented a mutli-site environment with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR or greater chances are you deployed separate dedicated sit...

Reset XenMobile admin CLI password

1 minute read

This guide will go through the steps in resetting the local CLI admin account on a XenMobile 10.x virtual appliance. to complete

Upgrade Netscaler via REST API Install Command

1 minute read

With the recent release of Netscaler firmware 11.1 from Citrix brings a new NITRO API command called “install” which allows firmware upgrades from the API.  ...

2Factor with Google Authenticator and Netscaler

3 minute read

Update January 9, 2018 This post is extremely old and before Citrix offered a real OTP solution. Please use

Storefront HTTP redirect and rewrite for PNAGENT

1 minute read

From time to time I run into clients that have very old thin clients but want to make the jump to Storefront. While Storefront does offer “Legacy PNAGENT” it...