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Github is an awesome resource to share and collaborate code but sometimes not the easiest if GIT isn’t installed on a Windows Server.  Lately, I have been adding some of my more popular scripts to PSGALLERY which allows quick downloads and updates right from PowerShell.  In order to use PSgallery you will need to have PowerShell 5.0 installed or above and the first time you run the commands you will get prompted to install and configure the provider and modules.


To install the script simply run the install-script command and agree to the prompts.  For example to install the XDReplicate script run

install-script -name xdreplicate -Scope currentuser

NOTE: The currentuser scope installs under the current profile.  Otherwise the command will need to be run as administrator

To see what scripts are installed run



Now the cool thing is that you can simply update the script by running

update-script xdreplicate

To check what versions exist on the repository run

find-script xdreplicate

Or use tags

find-script -tag xendesktop

What scripts are available?

The following scripts have been added to PSGallery

PSGallery Name Github Repo Description
 get-nslicexp  Grabs Netscaler license expiration information via REST.
 set-nsssl  A PowerShell script that enables TLS 1.2, disables SSLv2 and SSLv...
 PVSReplicate  Checks for vDisks and versioning and will export XML if required...
 XDReplicate  Exports XenDesktop site information such as administrators, deliv...
 get-ICAfile_v3  A Powershell v3 Script that utilizes invoke-webrequest to create,...
 get-ICAfile_v3_auth  A Powershell v3 Script that utilizes invoke-webrequest to create...

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